Embassy of Belize in Mexico

Embajada de Belice en México

Mexico Safety

Millions of tourists visit Mexico each year and the vast majority do so without incident. However, because of drug cartel related violence it may be best to avoid certain areas altogether and visitors should take adequate safety measures at all times.

Most cities visited by Belizeans for tourism purposes are relatively safe but visitors are advised to take standard precautions no matter where they may be. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Avoid large crowds and demonstrations
  • Do not walk around at night, especially if you are by yourself or in a small group
  • Avoid “street” taxis
  • Do not wear jewellery when using public transportation or walking
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  • Do not resist if you are the victim of a robbery
  • Observe all local laws as even seemingly minor offences may result in extortion attempts, arrest, fines and/or incarceration.

Though the Embassy of Belize in Mexico cannot endorse or dispute travel warnings and advice published by other countries for their nationals, the following are included for your consideration and you are encouraged to review them for additional information and guidance.

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